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#TBT #5: Florence and the Machine

These TBT’s always seem to focus on music but here we are.

My #TBT series focuses on things that I love and have loved before I made YouTube videos and blogposts, so these things have never been talked about too much on videos/posts. This series is here so I can gush about all of these great things!

Today it’s on Florence and the Machine. The greatest band on Earth. Or at least one of them, I don’t know I’m exaggerating so everything sounds exciting.

I’ve been watching too much Parks and Recreation, I’m hearing everything I type in Amy Poehler’s voice.

Florence and the Machine are SO GREAT. I know I describe everything as SO GREAT, but that is because they are SO GREAT.

Here’s a couple of my favourite songs of their’s:

Cosmic Love

This is one of my all time favourite songs. I discovered it through an AMV for Madoka Magica (which next week’s post will be on):

P.s. this video has MAJOR SPOILERS for my favourite anime ever so please only watch if you’ve seen Madoka/don’t care for spoilers.


No Light, No Light:

And I’ve missed the opportunity to see Florence and the Machine live TWICE now. Next time I will not.

Also PLEASE BRING OUT A NEW ALBUM. It’s been over 3 years since Ceremonials came out. Please Florence please.


So yes, there is a thing that I love and have loved and have never mentioned before anywhere on the internet.

Thanks for reading. See you tomorrow.

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