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As I type this it’s almost 9am, an hour before my exam! That’s scary.

By the time I actually go about writing the rest of this post, I’ll have done it! EVEN MORE SCARY.

Okay cool, I’m back, it’s 1:40pm and that exam kinda sucked. But it’s over, and soon I can move the pile of folders next to me and they can (hopefully) BE GONE FOREVER.

Do any of you do that thing in an exam when you think about the lights falling down and if it would kill you? Today I was sat in a seat that I would not be killed in.

So today I wanted to talk a bit about organisation!! Because I like to try to organise my life to a ridiculous degree. I pretty much plan everything that will happen in the day from the moment I get up until the moment I fall asleep. I need to work on that a little, but being organised isn’t all bad!

Here are a couple of the things that help to keep me organised!!!

Weekly desk organiser

I don’t know what this is actually called, but this is what I’m calling it. Here’s a picture of my last week! I list pretty much everything I have on for every single day of the week! It kinda looks messy by the end of the week, so below you’ll find a nice picture of a blank week! My roommate Anna gave me this for Christmas, and it has revolutionised my life. I think these cost around £8 or so from Paperchase. They’re a great investment, you get 365 days out of it!!

Academic diary

When I pull this out of my bag, people always say ‘I really need to get one of those’. They’re so handy if you’re in education like I am! Plus they’re cheap, this cost £1.25. Seriously, invest in one, it helps SO much to keep on top of work, by marking when you’re given the work, when you’re going to do the work and when it’s due in. It helps to cut down on those ‘I have 4000 words to write by the morning’ nights.


Notepads are my weakness. Just in this picture there’s 9. 9. I have 9 on my desk, which is kinda insane! I prefer to keep hardcopies of notes rather than putting notes in my phone like a lot of people do. If it’s physically written down, I can’t delete it, or forget about it as easily, since the notebook is RIGHT THERE.

Only 2 of these notepads aren’t really being used, the brown one, on top of the Spider-Man pad but under the one that says ‘note’, and the Frozen one, which I bought because it came with an Olaf pencil for £1. I couldn’t resist.

These are the 4 I use the most.

From l-r, I use the bigger green one for to do lists, plans, to note down work that’s in, etc. I kinda use that one like a planner instead of using my actual planner!

 The second I use for planning a book that I am hoping to start writing over summer. I had 2 chapters planned and now have scrapped them so I’m kinda building from the ground up.

The map book I use for YouTube and blog planning. Often in videos I have this book sat on my lap with the 10 things I need to talk about, etc.

 The final little notepad, I use for thoughts, and at the minute I keep noting down some ideas for an upcoming blogpost or video. I’m not sure which format to put that in yet!


Colour co-ordinate everything. It’s great and actually helps.


I love memoblocks. I only have 1 on my desk at uni but I have 2 at home. I constantly note down little things that I need to do soon, and leave them in front of my laptop so I can’t avoid it. Usually it’s something like ‘Remember to e-mail X about X’ or ‘PACK, YOU’RE GOING HOME TODAY’ That’s something I constantly leave until the last minute.

Sticky notes

These are kinda like mini post-its but some are more for use in books. The thin ones, I tend to stick in textbooks, in chapters that I need to read, or on pages that have a certain quote that I like, etc. These are great, and like most things, they’re from Paperchase.

Here is a photo of my little organisational corner next to my laptop!

The notepads look a little messy so I might move them, but considering I spend pretty much all day in front of the laptop, it’s handy to have everything I need right there.

Fun fact: That rose gold tin is actually a camping mug that is branded by some sort of vodka distributor I have never heard of. I won this at the fresher’s fair, I can’t even remember why or how.

I hope this helped!

Thanks for reading, and I’m excited to be back and blogging!!!

See you tomorrow!

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