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Today’s post was going to be titled with a GREAT joke, but the stuff I need for the post is in Liverpool, and for the rest of the week, I am not!!

I’m home for a few days before the next semester kicks in, so I thought I would share my desk/workspace that I’m probably not going to be sat at all that much. Because I’m either playing on the Wii U or in bed watching Parks and Recreation.

My home desk is MUCH busier and messier than my uni desk. I never give it a proper tidy because I’m only home for a weekend generally, and I don’t spend lots of time in front of it, though one time I really will. Especially when I come back for summer, because the mess bugs me every single time.

We have the magnetic whiteboard at the back, which is completely covered in bits I’ve accumulated over the years!

Directly above my laptop is a flyer from the Pokemon Center Paris, which I visited in June! There’s a few Soul Eater and Pokemon postcards, etc.

It’s pretty layered up by this point!

Hanging on a lamp, for some reason, we have Captain America, Loki, Venom, Hitsugaya (from Bleach) and a Yoshi keyring. I don’t quite know why.

This Super Mario mug has sat next to this Boney M CD for years. This isn’t even my CD.

I literally do not know what is going on here.

We do have a large host of Eeveelutions, now I realise that Leafeon has fell over! My favourite is Glaceon!

And also some mini figures (nendoroid petites) of the K-ON cast!

God that is dusty. Again an example of how much I need to clean this desk.

I hope you enjoyed this rather quick little post to give a little insight on where I’m sat right this second.

Now I’m off to marathon Puella Magi Madoka Magica!

Have a great day, and I will see you tomorrow!

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