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Grace Helbig Waterstones Event Liverpool

Last night, Grace Helbig descended from the heavens* to come to Liverpool.

*The sky between L.A. and London

Anyway, bad jokes aside, Grace came to Liverpool for a Q&A and book signing for her book, Grace’s Guide: The Art of Pretending to be a Grown-Up.

If you’ve been on my blog before today, or watched any of my YouTube videos, you will probably know how much I love this book. It’s AMAZING. I laughed so hard at it, and I truly feel like I took some life lessons away from it!

This event took place at Waterstones, Liverpool One, which hosts LOADS of great events. If you’re in the area you should definitely follow them on twitter, or check out their website for upcoming events!

My friend Georgia and I went last night. In May, we travelled to London to see Grace, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart in their #NoFilter show, the vlog of which you can watch here! Sadly we did not get to meet the trio last time, however we did get to meet Grace last night.

We had a little chat about the show in London. If you ever have the chance to see a #NoFilter show, take the opportunity. I laughed so hard that I cried. And their Spice Girls parody is what dreams are made of.

And she was so great. And so pretty. And so HILARIOUS. Grace is my humour icon. I love everything about her comedy and I aspire to be half as witty.

Grace reminds me of Amy Poehler, another comedian I adore. And also the amazing Tina Fey. I hope somehow they end up on Grace’s new show (airing on E this spring!) or some sort of collaborative project!

Or Grace, maybe you can host the Golden Globes now Tina and Amy are stepping down from it.

This is one of my favourite chapters in the book, you truly do need to prepare yourself before going to any party.

I’ve met a few YouTubers now, and Grace was one of the kindest, she took the most time to take pictures and chat. Although, I do understand that the time constraints placed on these events are not the YouTuber’s fault all. It’s a mass of factors out of their control.

Every YouTuber I’ve met has been so kind, and so genuine., but I felt like Grace did it best. Taking a bunch of funny selfies with EVERY SINGLE PERSON and taking time to compliment and chat to everyone.

Ps. That’s not to say other YouTubers don’t do that, YouTubers I have met have done this, but Grace just did it SO WELL, especially when you think how tiring it must be to 1) Be in a completely different timezone to which you live, 2) To have just done a Q&A session and 3) To be on your feet meeting new people for hours on end.


Thank you for last night Grace! I had a great time, and hope to see you again sometime soon! I was supposed to tell you my worse pants pooping story in 3 words (a staple on her podcast, Not Too Deep), but now I will save for the inevitable day when I am a guest on it!


I feel lucky living in Liverpool. So much happens there, and recently ,so many YouTube related events have come to Liverpool. It’s insane being able to walk to all of these cool things, and not have to worry about travelling there and back. It’s so awesome and it’s one of the things I love most about this city.

Here are all of Grace’s links so you can check her out if you haven’t already:






Not too Deep on iTunes (The one with Louise is one of my personal favourites!)

Thanks for reading guys!

This is the last post of the week and it has flown by once more.

I’ll see you Monday!

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