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Christmas Decorations!

Hello everybody!

Now it’s time for a post that isn’t huge and texty, but is instead full of pictures of my (rather badly) decorated room at uni! It’s not too great. What I have is, mainly, things from my home that my parents didn’t use to decorate the house!

This is what my desk area looks like, with Pokemon playing on Netflix, naturally!

Zoom in on these amazing lights that my sister bought in the Paperchase sale many years ago! I have 2 sets, which should have cost £20 in total, instead they were £3 each! They’re a staple decoration!

This picture features Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood in Lego form.

Mini snowman corner, with a small plush Snowman I bought in high school- why were they selling these?

This picture made me feel very Tumblr.

This reindeer decoration is from a little nik nak-y type shop! I really, really love this.

Please ignore the October calendar page, I like that page the most.

This matches the Paperchase lights! And is a snowglobe, and thus is incredible.


Can you tell what my favourite animal is?

I bought this for 99p. All it has inside are some lyrics from ‘Fancy’ that I wrote without realising.

And it also serves to hide this mess.

My bed is oh so very Christmassy and I am VERY happy with it. It’s awesome.

Both of these blankets are from Primark, I bought the red one last year for £3, and the reindeer print one this year for £4! What steals!

I really should have washed the new one before using it, I keep getting fluff everywhere.

Here’s a zoom in of the pattern on the duvet. How great. I love Christmas patterns. This set is also from Primark.

These cushions are my favourite thing. The cushion in the middle was from Primark last year, and the others were both from Asda this year, for £5 each. They’re incredible. The mince pies one is my absolute favourite.

I want a mince pie now.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to see some of your decorations too!

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