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TBT #3- New York

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve done a TBT post! But here we are, back in action!

This time, I thought I’d focus on my holiday to New York, which was just over 5 years ago. When this popped up on TimeHop, it really confused me as to how it’d be 5 whole years, then I saw this picture of myself on Facebook:

I WAS SUCH A TINY CHILD. Actually I was 14, how did I look this young at age 14?? I’m pretty sure some people have like 5 kids by then.

This was taken in Nintendo World, which you know was my favourite place. I love Nintendo, and a whole store/museum devoted to it was my favourite thing. Especially as there’s a HUGE Pokemon section, and you know how I feel about Pokemon. I bloody love it.

I actually got to meet my longtime online friend whilst I was in America, here’s a picture of Bianca and I in Nintendo World:

5 years on, Bianca and I are still besties. We had such a great time that day! We also got to go on the ToysRUs ferris wheel, here’s a not so great picture of that:

The other pictures I found hidden in my own old Facebook album aren’t that great. I feel like this really dates this holiday, as 5 years ago smart phones weren’t such a huge thing, if they were you know I’d have SO many good quality pictures.

Here’s a few others before I delve into my sister’s Facebook album:

I feel like pictures are more fun than words.

Ps, I did not take this trip alone, I just don’t think my family would appreciate me plastered pictures of them over the internet:

I’m sure my dad has a bunch of pictures buried on some hard drive somewhere…but I’m not home right now and I don’t feel like making him search through a bunch so I can find a better Empire State shot, you guys know what that looks like. You’ve all seen Elf.

And if you haven’t, get off your computer or phone and watch it right now.

New York is an amazing, amazing, place, and with any luck, I will go back in the not too distant future. I’d love to live their for 6 months or so, maybe one day that will happen!

Thanks for reading! See you next time!


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