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Bonfire Night

Bonfire night is one of my favourite nights of the year! It’s a very British evening, and that makes it all the better! If you don’t know what Bonfire night is, and were confused by Snapchat showing it off to all of it’s users, here’s a short explanation, with some help from Wikipedia.

On November 5th 1605, Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up Parliament using gunpowder. This spectacularly failed, and for some reason, we now celebrate the evening of November 5th with huge fireworks displays, because it’s…you know gunpowder inside, and by making bonfires! I’ve heard of people burning scarecrow type figures to represent Guy Fawkes but I’ve never actually seen that happen. I’m kinda glad actually, it sounds creepy.

As you know, I no longer live at home, full time anyway, and so this was the first Bonfire night in recent memory that I didn’t spend at my hometown’s firework display, which I have to say, is pretty awesome. The rest of the town may not be brilliant, but it’s so great on Bonfire night.

My flatmates and I went to Sefton park in Liverpool, known for being one of the biggest displays in Liverpool! But I have to say, the displays were kinda disappointing. We kept moving from spot to spot to find a good spot, we ended up in some bad places in which pictures turned out like this:

And made me react like this:

Our bus also broke down 3 times on the way there. I avoid buses because they always seem to break down when I’m on them. I am definitely bad luck on a bus.

When you don’t realise front camera is the one that’s on


But we did end up finding a good spot and enjoying the evening!


This group shot turned out pretty well. I accidentally ruined the rest as you can see.

On our way out, we noticed there was a little Christmas market type thing set up, which immediately made the night even better! I’d be saying how much I wanted a crepe, and we’d all been saying how much we could go for some mulled wine.



So were crepes, you can see how overjoyed I was about this fact.


Bonfire night is even more exciting because after it’s finished, there’s only Christmas to look forward too!!! I cannot wait. I walked to university this morning listening to Now That’s What I Call Christmas, a purchase I made last year, which I think should be noted down as one of the best purchases I have made in my entire life.

Here are some more fireworks shots because, why not?


Hope you enjoyed this post, and if you celebrate Bonfire night, I hope you enjoyed it, if not, I hope you had a great November 5th anyway!

See you next time!

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