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TBT #1- Haim.

Welcome to the first instalment in my Throwback Thursday series! Rather than a tradition TBT, involving a picture of friends and I in 2008, I’m going to dedicate a post a week to something that I really like, or liked,  before I put content out into the internet, and so I haven’t had a chance to express my love for it!

I really got into Haim’s music early last year, to pinpoint it exactly, my sister Suzanne had told me about them, and one day before getting the bus to college, I downloaded their entire discography, which at the time was a few singles/EPs from Amazon MP3, I’d never bought something from there before, but you get to own the MP3 rather than only owning the music on iTunes software when you buy through the iTunes store.

I immediately fell in love with their music, I felt in a bit of a music rutt at this time and needed something new to listen to, and Haim was perfect!

I adore Don’t Save Me, it was the first song of their’s I listened to and is still my favourite song of their’s:

In September 2013, their first album, Days are Gone came out, which is an incredible album. This album is part of the reason why I will argue forever that 2013 was one of the greatest years for music in recent memory (Paramore, AM, Pure Heroine to name a few great albums from last year).

My favourite song from this album (I’m excluding songs like Don’t Save Me and Forever, which were released prior to the album) is If I Could Change Your Mind:

The video is also awesome.

I went to see Haim last December, in Manchester and ended up hopelessly lost, but at least it was around the Christmas Markets.

They were incredible live and put on such a fun show,  this picture was also taken which ended up on many music news sites.

Haim are awesome. You should totally check them out!

Thanks to Amy for big help with coming up with this series!

Thanks for reading!

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