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I’ve REALLY dropped the metaphorical blogging ball and I am very sorry, things are a bit hectic and there’s no sign of slowing down anytime soon, no matter how much I wish they would!

So, I’m sorry for this rushed, rather easy-to-do blogpost, which I am doing in between spoonfuls of Weetabix and adverts of The Walking Dead as part of my Monday night routine.


So these are the podcasts I have found myself coming back to, and I just love them. I love podcasts, I first got into them when walking and taking the train the university, it was such a great way to pass the time with something that I could actually think about, and actually really enjoyed listening to.

I powered through Ear Biscuits in that time, as well as a lot of History of Westeros, however I was already up to date with Shane Dawson’s which I listened to as episodes came out, but I wasn’t really into podcasts at that point.

The two at the top, Psycho Babble with Tyler Oakley, and Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig have only recently started, but as they are hosted by two of my favourite people on the internet, they have already earned their place in my heart. They’re both hilarious series and I can’t help but listen to each episodes as soon as I get the opportunity.

With the top 5/6 being hosted by YouTubers, and involving interviewing YouTubers, you may guess that I really like YouTube. I love YouTube and all of these people, and this is just an extension of that. It’s just…without the visual medium.

I’m sorry for this boring, and rushed post, but I am so very tired and I have a very big day ahead of me tomorrow. I hope I can get back into the swing of things this week!

I hope to see you next time!

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