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New room

It’s been a couple of days now, and I’m settling into what is going to be my home for the majority of the next 10 months. It’s starting to register where I am when I wake up, which is better than waking up really confused, like I did Saturday morning.

There’s still a ton of things I need to do to make my room looking a bit less empty, but here’s where I was up to as of this morning:

This is my vert white and very, very nice desk. Featuring Niomi Smart, I took this pictures whilst I caught up on YouTube.

I’ve been reading Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon for the past few months for many reasons, including nostalgia, because there’s a reboot airing, and because Sailor Moon is a classic. I’m almost finished now, one more volume after this one!

I keep notepads next to me as I end up writing down a lot of thoughts/ideas as soon as they come to me.

The little map book is very adorable, and was a present from my sister.

I love coloured pens. And this is a brand new packet, Jesus take the wheel, it’s like Christmas in here. I LOVE these pens so much. So, so much.

They’re stored in a very nice glass from my friend Amy, which features a little boat she added. There’s also an anchor on the bottom but you can’t fully see it in this picture.

These two cards have been up for less than 24 hours and I already feel motivated.

Sadly it’s a bit foggy-ish today, but the view from the kitchen is freaking incredible. You can see all of what Liverpool has to offer, sadly it doesn’t seem to photograph too well. I hope this view never gets old.

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