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Last week at home

This was supposed to be written and posted before I moved out, but I moved back to uni yesterday, oops.

I tried taking pictures of the packing process but it was oh so very messy constantly and I was very busy all week, mainly by leaving packing clothes to the absolute last minute.

So sorry for the lack of pictures on this post, but you can imagine what my house looks like. Please make it big with a pool and a private cinema, maybe with a helipad, I’ll take or leave that.

It’s been a really strange week, every time I used the shower or went to bed, I’d always think in a countdown to when I leave, and even though it was really exciting I was still very nervous, I had a very bad nervous stomach yesterday morning, mainly because I hadn’t seen my room yet, which I now have, and it is very pretty and I very much like it. The next post will have pictures. I could combine these and give you a new post but I’m not that creative.

It was also surprisingly strange to pick what things I’ll take with me, and what I would leave. I chose books that I’m currently reading, and the DVDs I brought are some of my all time favourites, I did leave some at home which I think I’ll pick up next time, how did I think I didn’t need Scott Pilgrim or Hot Fuzz?! They’re both amazing and I want to watch them right now.

It’s strange, as soon as I moved in, I realised how many things I’d forgot and still need. I kept thinking over and over what I needed to buy and bought it all, but I move in and suddenly there’s a whole bunch I completely forgot. Like that magic spray that stops your shower cubicle from getting streaky?! Completely forgot about that one.

It’s weird and new and fun, and this is the fourth paragraph in a row starting with ‘it’. But I’m having a good time, even if I have been up for 2 hours and no one else is even awake yet.

But I’m having some quality YouTube time, and that’s pretty great too

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