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Recent Clothing Buys!

I have to pack because I’m going to Summer in the City (The UK’s biggest YouTube convention) this weekend! Looking at my clothes inspired me to write this post. I was also inspired by my clothes being stored in weird and wonderful ways around the house whilst I had no wardrobe to put them in.

I realised I have bought quite a lot of clothes lately, I tend to buy…barely any and wear the same things for years. The shorts I’m wearing right now have seen a few too many summers, and are too gross to wear outside the threshold of my safe place (my home.) So here’s a look at some of the things I’ve bought lately:

(Also can you tell I’m desperately trying to utilise the skills I gained from working in a store for a year that sold some bad clothes?!)

These 3 shirts are from H&M, and I’m now realising how terrible my folding is. Oops. But how Pintrest is that background?!

I love h&m, like I seriously love it. Probably a good 50% of my clothes are from

there. It’s just so awesome.

You can get the navy and yellow shirts here.

The jumper at the top…I have just realised I have no clue where it’s from. I really didn’t think this one through, I was given it as a gift from my sister for my birthday! It’s really nice, wherever it came from!

The bottom shirt is from Primark, and has a CAPTAIN AMERICA SHIELD ON THE POCKET. I love, love, love, love Captain America, so that sold it to me.

I also love Game of Thrones and ended up buying both of the shirts Teefury had for sale one day a few weeks ago.

I couldn’t resist, I love both Daenerys and Arya. Also, the hair of Arya is made up of something which is a subtle nod to book readers, and that’s what sold the shirt to me. It’s awesome!

I can’t find these shirts on Teefury, but I can find shirts I bought well over a year ago. Maybe it’s just me.

I hope you enjoyed this weird post.

I don’t know, it seemed like a fun a new thing to try.

See you next week!

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