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Surprise extra post! I just wanted to write and involve myself in something.

I’m a little sad/angry/annoyed/feeling a lot today and I wanted to channel that gross energy into a post of some sort. I don’t know why, I just want something good to come out of bad feelings, otherwise it’s the worst thing.

I started choosing things to take with me to uni, like books, DVDs and little things to make my room feel like my room. I want to make sure it feels like home since it’s going to be my primary home for a while, I’m excited for that.

My DVD pile is a little large considering a ton of these are on Netflix, but I just want them with me?! Plus Frozen isn’t on Netflix so that HAS to come with me.

These movies all make me happy, and I can rewatch them over and over. I own a few blurays of my favourite TV series and films, but I have to leave them, I won’t have a bluray player sadly!

Pitch Perfect is truly the perfect (see what I did there?) rewatchable film.

Books are an awkward one. I want to re-read a ton of books but I can’t take them all with me. I started reading the Queen of the Tearling, so I want to finish that, same as with the Inside Game of Thrones book. Mockingjay is something I want to read again before the film comes out, it’ll be my 3rd time reading it! Sailor Moon I’m slowly working my way through, I’m up to volume 9, with Sailor Pluto on the front! Fun fact, Sailor Venus is my favourite. She’s the natural leader, and very optimistic in her dreams. I want to be just like her.

These are some things I’m taking to make my room feel like my room. I always have loved Dragonite, and this new plush is pretty comforting. I don’t know why, but it makes me feel at ease. My room is having a fair bit of Spider-Man in it. I love Spider-Man and Peter Parker. I don’t really know a huge ton about the series, but I just love it.

I don’t know why this post had to be made. I wanted a distraction for a bit. I hope you found it even mildly interesting!

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