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Hello everybody!

I spent a couple days in London, to see a close friend of mine and also to go to Summer in the City, a YouTube convention!

Rather than post about my time at Summer in the City, which I filmed and am putting up on my YouTube channel, I thought I’d make a short post on the things I did yesterday in London.

Yesterday morning,  we had a bit of a lie in, after Summer in the City completely destroyed us, if you’ve ever been to a convention of any kind, you’ll understand that it’s generally a weekend of no sleep, barely any food, and being on your feet for a ridiculous amount of time. It always takes a couple days to recover afterwards, but we didn’t have that luxury! Sleeping in was good enough though.

We started the day with coco pops (a staple of staying in London with Fae), and with Bleach. Bleach is a manga series that started in 2001, which was then adapted into an anime series in 2004. We felt very nostalgic about the time we used to love Bleach, which was an amazing series for a while, the manga is still going and isn’t as great as it once was, but I still love and follow it. After this we headed to Covent Garden!

Another staple of hanging out with Fae is macarons.

We went to Laderee, and it was amazing. I love macarons, they look so great and taste AMAZING. They’re a little on the pricey side but they’re worth it. I truly appreciate this after the time I attempted to make some and ended up making a weird blue goop instead.

I tried 3 flavours, vanilla, iced mint and strawberry marshmallow candy. The iced mint and vanilla were delicious, the strawberry marshmallow candy was good, but interesting. Marshmallow is a weird filling for a macaron. I ate them whilst waiting for my (delayed) train home, and they totally made the wait more bearable.

I think iced mint was my favourite. I don’t know how something can taste…ice-y, but it did.

We later went to a nearby Five Guys, which was awesome. I was very mad at the people who didn’t take advantage of the machine which dispensed about 100 different soft drinks/sodas. A guy in front of me got two regular cokes. Two.

I tried Coke Lime, Coke Zero Lemon and Fanta Grape. All of which were great, especially the first two, citrus flavour things are my favourite.

On the recommendation of Tanya Burr, we went to Snog! It’s a frozen yoghurt place, and it had the best atmosphere. I wish I’d taken pictures of the inside, because it was brilliant.

I was too distracted by my froyo though, I tried blueberry acai (however you pronounce that) flavour yoghurt, with pineapple, strawberries and chocolate sauce on top. I want to go back already, just writing this makes me want it. I seriously wish there were froyo shops in/around Liverpool.

The pot was pretty adorable too!

Thanks for reading guys! While you’re here why not check out part 1 of my Summer in the City vlogs? Part 2 should be

up tomorrow. With any luck.

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