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Home Haul!

What a treat for you bloggy type peoples- a post that very much overlaps with a video (that I haven’t filmed yet) that will be uploaded later this week!

As you know (I think I’ve mentioned this before) I attend uni in Liverpool, and I go back for my second year VERY soon, which means moving out! I didn’t live at uni during my first year, but I am living in Liverpool for my second year, which meant buying a LOT of things. I absolutely love home hauls, Zoella’s being a favourite of mine. I’m actually watching one right this second as I type this.

These pictures aren’t on the prettiest background for one reason- I am lazy. There isn’t really anywhere to photo in the spare room, and I didn’t want to cart everything downstairs to take pictures of and bring back up. I am sorry. Once again, I ask you readers to forgive my laziness.

To paint a picture, I had this on whilst rushing around to take pictures before my camera died. Please ignore the terrible screen protector, it’s coming off and my contract ends soon which means I’ll be replacing my phone and I can’t be bothered replacing it in the meantime.

I’ve had this for ages, but it can be included anyway. This cost £4.50, £4.50!

No clue where this will go. Probably in my house when I have my own house. So it can sit around for a few more years.

This wasn’t available on the site for me to link, but it’s from BHS Home, which has some awesome sales!

This is set of Coca Cola (let’s be real- Coke) diner themed items for a kitchen! I absolutely love this range, and I was surprised by my parents with these bits for my birthday in June!

In this picture we have:

An ice bucket right at the back
A straw dispenser stood in that
and a napkin dispenser, that is really awesome

Again these are from BHS home, and once again they’re not available on the website. But here’s a Coke bottle opener because why not?

I am in love with the colour of these plates and bowls from IKEA.

They’re so pretty. I didn’t want white, I wanted to be able to tell them apart from my roommates’ things.

Here’s the set I bought, it’s on sale so get it now!!!!

These ever so lovely mugs are from ASDA.

Here’s a better picture from the back of the box. Aren’t they cute?! I don’t really use mugs apart from the occasional hot chocolate and the evener rarer coffee, but they’re something you seem to need anyway somehow?! Aren’t they cute?!

These have also disappeared off of the website?! Why has everything gone?!

These glasses are from IKEA.

I bought 2 of the big white ones because they’re sort of diner-y. I swore I bought 2 but I can’t find the other. I have no clue where it went, and this one is chipped a little!

The flamingo glasses are really awesome because they have flamingos on. That’s just hella rad.

Here’s the link to the Flamingo glass, strangely I can’t find the diner-y ones on there. There were tons in IKEA, and they cost £1.75 each I think.

These bedspreads are my favourite. I LOVE them. I love anything London Underground, I don’t know why, maybe because I sort of want to live in London one day.

The animal print is just really cool, and took forever to get, it was sold out constantly!

Both are from ASDA:

Underground sheets

Animal sheets

I now see there’s a range of underground bathroom things. If only I hadn’t already bought a toilet brush. But I don’t have a toothbrush holder hmmm…

These are my favourite, mainly because they were a very unexpected find. Vintage Kelloggs bowls in PoundWorld! They only cost a £1 each, if you couldn’t guess by the name!

Their site isn’t great and these aren’t featured, but how cool are these?!

Thanks for reading guys!!

Here’s a link to my YouTube, which is also linked at the top of my blog, but you may be reading on Bloglovin and won’t see that. If you don’t follow me on Bloglovin, click that big button on the side!

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