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Bad crafting

The title of this blogpost sounds like a bad Christmas movie. A little bit at least!

This week’s post was originally going to be on what I’ve done over summer, but I’m pushing that back because I don’t go back to uni for almost a month properly, I move back sooner, but actual lectures don’t start anytime soon.

It was then going to be on breaking habits, as I’m trying to stop biting my nails (again), I stopped once for a while and it was great, but every time I worry I start biting them again. But now after Jim Chapman mentioned that under your nails is dirtier than a toilet seat, I want to stop forever now. But I’m still biting them…I got worse actually. I just caught myself biting them, so I thought it would be a bit contradictory to write a post about how I’m being great and stopping when I’ve regressed. Maybe in a few weeks.

Then this post was going to be on anxiety and worries, but I did a post on that recently, which I’d forgotten about, so here we are. I don’t know why I took you on the journey of this post but here we are.

I can’t rotate this picture and I’m too lazy to rotate it and re-upload it. Please forgive me.

So I had a cork board and some ladybird (or ladybug for the Americans) pins, that my mum brought home for me one day, and I’ve been thinking about what to use them for. In the end I decided to use them for the tickets and other things which have been taking over the magnetic board at the back of my desk, which is covered in anime/cartoon/video game art and doodles. It was beginning to look duller covered in tickets so we had to fix that!

Look how adorable the ladybirds are. They’re so cute.

The pile of things soon to go onto the board. Except the train tickets. I had just taken them out of my wallet and left them there.

All these pictures are on such a cramped desk because I wanted to watch YouTube whilst I did it. For anyone who’s curious about what’s on the screen, I watched SourceFed’s latest Comment Commentary (I love SourceFed a lot. A whole real lot)

Here is the ‘finished’ product. I forgot to include a few wristbands, oops. So I originally lined everything up nice, but it didn’t fit, so me being a craft expert, (does italics= sarcasm?? in this case it does.) I decided to make it look ‘messy’ and ‘quirky’.

As you can see, the outcome looks like I dropped my tickets onto a ladybird…nest?? What do they even live in. Let’s google it.

Apparently most live in trees and ledges. Who’d have thought it?!

And now with the wristbands included! Naturally, I still did forget to include one ticket until after I’d taken all of these photos.

To hopefully counteract the royal mess that is this cork board, here’s a zoom in of some of the tickets, with some commentary.

I got to see PMJ perform live, and meet Scott and Robyn, and Tim the tambourine guy. It was an awesome night, and I have tickets booked for when they come back to England next year!

Check them out if you haven’t, they’re AMAZING!

There currently is a huge zipwire in Liverpool, stretching down a very busy street (it has a Primark on, so you can imagine just how busy it is), my friend Sarah and I did it last week, it was so much fun! I was terrified of getting stuck. Thankfully I did not. But I did see someone stuck yesterday, and they got him off within about 6 seconds so that was nothing to worry about really. I just didn’t want to get stuck above hundreds of shoppers in a harness, I don’t think many people do, really.

The NoFilter show starring Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart was amazing, here’s my vlog from it:

(Fun fact: This is currently my second most viewed video!? Crazy! Let’s get it to number 1. It needs 600 more views to do that. I believe in you.)

I believe they’re currently on a run of NoFilter in the states at the minute.

This ticket was for a play I went to with a couple of my uni friends. I didn’t really enjoy the play, but it was the evening that I became very good friends with some people who I consider some of my best friends now!

This was for the Evangelion swords exhibit in Paris, which was really cool. It was a really awesome two days, here’s my vlog from that as well:

My vlogs really are some of my most popular videos. I really need to do more.

And now my desk is back to it’s former colourful glory! This is sort of what I hope the ticket board would come out like.

Oh well, maybe we can do a bit of better craft next time!

I’m really excited about next week’s post, I hope it excites the rest of you too.

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