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Troye Sivan and Begin Again

This post would have been up yesterday, had I not been on (another) Breaking Bad marathon, I finally get all of the hype around that show now, and it also makes me never, ever, ever want to touch drugs.

This is another post about music. I’ve never considered myself as having a big interest in music but this is my second post on music this month. I still don’t think I can say I have a big interest in music though, when the Pitch Perfect soundtrack is one of my most listened to albums.

Last Wednesday I went to go see a film called Begin Again, here’s a summary lifted from IMDB: ‘A chance encounter between a disgraced music-business executive and a young singer-songwriter new to Manhattan turns into a promising collaboration between the two talents.’

I was surprised by how amazing it was, I expected it to either be great or terrible, and I’m so glad it ended up being fantastic for such a low budget, low action plot. I never expected to enjoy it as much as I did.

The music in the film is amazing too, I guess that’s to be expected in a film about musicians, I’ve fell in love with these two songs from the movie:

Lost Stars:

Coming Up Roses:

(Who knew Keira Knightley could sing?? I definitely didn’t!!)

Last week, the preorder for Troye Sivan’s EP TRXYE went up on iTunes, as did the first single from it, Happy Little Pill, which I’ve been playing almost constantly since then. 

It’s insane seeing how much affect a YouTuber can have on the real world, with Troye’s EP shooting to the top of the iTunes charts in so, so many countries. This is always a thought which plays on my mind, within seconds of a YouTube tweeting a hashtag, it can be trending worldwide.

Troye really deserves every success this EP will bring, I’m super excited to see all the amazing things come from this.

Happy Little Pill is a total jam too, don’t you think??

I wish Troye could be at SITC so I could tell him in person how amazing it is, but I’m sure he’s far too busy at the minute to be able to fly halfway across the world, when there’s going to be plenty of time in the future.

When I do eventually meet him however, I’m not going to stop going on about how much I love this song.

Here’s a link to the iTunes preorder, when you preorder, Happy Little Pill is downloaded instantly!

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