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My current products!

Hello everybody!

I didn’t know what to call this, my favourite skin products? But a lot of this isn’t for skin. Favourite beauty products? But it’s not all beauty things? So I’ve just gone for products. Very creative.

Today I thought I’d show you the products that take part in my everyday routine. Or most day routines. I use most of these products everyday but not all of them. This is getting ramble-y so I’ll just start.

This post would have been up days ago, but the weather wasn’t great, so I had no natural lighting. Then the weather was great, but I wasn’t home. But today is the hottest day of the year, so it was VERY sunny, as well as sweaty and tiring. The heat makes me want to lie down forever. I also discovered that I have nowhere nice, with access to natural lighting, to take photos. So this post could have been up days ago. Oops.

All of the featured products in their glory! (Atop the radiator cover in the hall. It’s a very professional operation that we run here.)

Quick ps.: the sites I’m linking to are the cheapest I can find from a quick google. These products are available everywhere (except the Lush ones) so if you want to use someone you trust- do it! It may cost more though!

These are the hair products I’ve been using:

Salty dog cocktail beach spray

American Crew boost powder

These are recent acquisitions, since it’s only been around a month and a half since I cut my hair quite short! I LOVE the salt spray, it saves me in the mornings, since my hair grows in every direction, making my bed head quite a sight to behold. Once this bottle is empty, I think I’ll try a different salt spray, since there are loads out there for half of the price.

The boost powder however, I’m going to stick with, it is AMAZING! I used to use hair wax beforehand, and since my hair is hard to tame, I needed to use a lot of it, which made parts of my hair look greasy, and it is pretty hard to rework once it’s on. This does the same job, but my hair isn’t greasy looking at all and it’s so easy to use! The one downside is not being able to tell when the pot is nearly empty because powder doesn’t weigh much.

Simple Kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser

This is one of those products that a lot of people seem to use, and it’s so cheap. This is a great one for me because I get dry skin, and my skin gets irritated quite easily. A lot of moisturisers have caused me to break out, I’ve then tried new spot products, which destroyed my skin leaving me needing moisturiser. It was a weird vicious face product cycle. But this doesn’t do anything bad for my skin! And it’s so much cheaper than all the other things I tried! I will never abandon this product.

Armani code for men (There’s some sort of offer on this website, so it’s cheaper than it should be, if this has ended by the time you’re looking at it, so it’s not £27-ish, I’d go elsewhere)

This is my favourite aftershave of the minute. It makes me smell pretty great. There isn’t much else to say about this one.

Happy Hippy shower gel (250ml)

I usually buy which ever shower gel is on offer for £1, so paying £6.95 for one was a BIG deal for me, but it was such a good choice! For one this smells amazing, and lasts FOREVER. This bottle still looks almost full, even though I’ve used this once or twice a day for almost a month. I have no idea how it stretches that far, or if I’m using barely any. So in the long run, I think this would end up saving you money, and makes you smell like a grapefruit. Truly a win/win situation.

Sparkle Toothy Tabs

I bought this in January and I still have a couple left. For £2.50, 40 tabs is pretty amazing. Essentially this are little tabs to use as a partner to toothpaste (but not as a replacement for toothpaste, since they don’t protect your teeth in the way regular toothpaste will), which whiten your teeth. There’s a whole bunch of them in the range, and these actually work! I use one every now and then when I think my teeth could look a little whiter. They’re a bit weird to get used to, but once you get over it, and the slight burning sensation that comes with it, your teeth will be sparkly white!

Mask of Magnaminty (315g)

Ahh Mask of Magnaminty. How many of my favourites videos have you appeared in? This is such a great product and really helps my skin. While it doesn’t seem to prevent spots so much, it really hurries along the process and helps to get rid of them. Also it’s fun to paint yourself green and pretend to be the Hulk. Again, a win/win situation.

I just realised I forgot to photo one product, which I really love, which is Ultrabland (45g). This helps to clear skin, and prevent spots. It has amazing reviews on the website too, my only advice would be to not use it too often since it’s very oily. I use it a couple of times a week but no more, if my skin gets too oily I’ll break out. But if I use just the right amount, it’ll really clear up my skin!

Thanks for reading gang! Let me know some of your favourite products!

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