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Favourite songs

Today’s post was going to be about K-ON! ,a series I love, it was then going to be a desk/working area tour, but my desk is sort of a mess at the minute and needs a good clean, so now it’s evolved into this!

The other day I was with my friends Amy and Alix (soon to be of Ace and Red blog fame) when we decided to list our 5 all time favourite songs. This wasn’t easy and I’m not 100% all of these songs should really have made the cut or if more should have, I have no clue, but here are the 5 I listed (in no particular order):

Paramore– Still Into You

(Fun fact- this album came out on the day I passed my driving test!)

Maroon 5– Lucky Strike

(Fun fact- I listened to this album on repeat whilst I worked in an office in which everyone was a lot older than me, and my desk moved about constantly so I ended up either sat alone or next to people who I didn’t know, so my only friends were Maroon 5.)

Lorde– Tennis Court

(Fun fact- I didn’t like this album at first and now I listen to it all the time. Pretty much in the day. Mostly in the shower. Is that weird?)

Haim– Don’t Save Me

(Fun fact- I don’t have one for this album, but I first discovered Haim through my sister, I then bought all of the songs they had out, which was about 5, it was before the album, from Amazon. They were the first songs I’d bought from Amazon MP3.)

Florence and the Machine– Cosmic Love

(Fun fact- I thought this song was okay, then I watched the video below, and I fell in love with it.)

Also why are all the fun facts in brackets? We’ll never know. Are they even fun, or remotely interesting? Please leave all positive feedback in the comments below and keep everything negative to yourself. (Not really)

Warning: SPOILERS FOR PUELLA MAGI MADOKA MAGICA and it’s a fantastic series, probably my favourite anime of all time, so I don’t want it ruined for anybody!

I hope you enjoyed this and that you didn’t hate each and every song. I love them all and think they’re great, and I hope I’ve introduced at least one person to something new!

Thanks! See you next time!

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