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I found it really hard to come up with something to write about today, I was debating hangovers, but that’s what my YouTube video (which will be uploaded later today) is focusing on, and I didn’t want to overkill it! Nor do I have too much time to focus on what to write about, as I have a TON to do today!

And that is why today’s blogpost is on motivation! Isn’t it a weird thing? Sometimes you can be so crazily motivated to do something, I was this weekend, as Orange is the New Black season 2 was released at 8am on Friday, and I triumphantly finished it at about 5:30pm on Saturday. In that time period, I dropped everything and watched 13 1/2 hours of Netflix. Also, that’s an amazing show and you should definitely watch it, it’s probably one of my favourite TV series ever, up there with Game of Thrones.

But now, on Sunday, I’ve realised how that must have been the only thing I’ve been motivated for, for a while. As in now, I have to pack for going away tomorrow, edit and upload a YouTube video, as well as writing this blogpost! And then I decided to get out of bed at 10:30am just because I could! Probably not a smart move!

Why does motivation change so much? Especially when you WANT to be motivated. The same happens with exams, thank god those are over. Exam motivation is the worst because it only seems to hit you 3 hours before the exam, in which you have to cram 6 months worth of work in. (But for reals, start revising early, it makes things MASSIVELY easier. At the end of my first semester, I had one day to revise for probably my hardest exam, which meant getting up at 5am and writing for 7 hours straight before a break. I still did well, but not as well as I did in the rest which I gave myself more than 24 hours to revise for.

This was quite a wordy post to just come to this one point: motivation is weird. Like real weird.

I didn’t know what image to include in this post, so here is one of my favourite stock images ever:

It’s called ‘Cyber Woman with corn’ and I’m sure we can all relate.

Have a great week guys, see you next time!

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